Kuwaitization drive: 2,938 new jobs for Kuwaitis by 2027

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 23, (Agencies): According to an insider in the oil industry, the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) is planning to hire approximately 2,938 Kuwaiti nationals between 2023 and 2027. The disclosure aligns with the corporation’s strategic plan, which focuses on enhancing the skills of both employees and contractors.

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation building

Under the guidance of the executive management, KPC is dedicated to bolstering the capabilities of its workforce. The goal is to achieve a significant increase in the national workforce, reaching 93.6%, excluding Al-Ahmadi Hospital staff, and 90.17%, inclusive of the hospital staff, by the conclusion of the strategic plan.

KPC adheres to a systematic approach to Kuwaitization, systematically appointing citizens with diverse practical qualifications within the oil sector. This process aligns with the specific needs of oil companies, tailoring appointments according to academic qualifications and job vacancies outlined in the corporation’s annual general budget and its subsidiaries. The employment procedures strictly adhere to the terms and regulations governing the oil sector, ensuring the recruitment of highly qualified individuals across various oil companies.

It’s noteworthy that the estimation of job vacancies in the oil sector is based on the anticipated requirements of relevant work groups, taking into consideration future projects and workforce dynamics.

This news has been read 1614 times!

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