Kuwaitis in government sector free to take up private work after hours

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 3: According to a source, citizens employed in government agencies, ministries, and institutions have the option to engage in private sector work after official working hours. However, this arrangement does not involve receiving financial benefits from the government, such as labor support. Importantly, obtaining approval from the Civil Service Commission is not a prerequisite for pursuing such opportunities.

Civil Service Commission

The source emphasized the existence of specific guidelines governing employees’ activities after official working hours. These guidelines necessitate adherence to regulations outlined in their roles within the government sector. Employees are expected to maintain information confidentiality, avoid actions conflicting with the interests of the government sector, and fulfill certain conditions before venturing into the private sector, aligning with laws preventing conflicts of interest.

The source highlighted that the Civil Service Commission strictly prohibits employees from engaging in work for others, whether compensated or not, even outside official working hours. An exception is granted only with written permission from the Minister, and failure to secure this permission is considered a disciplinary violation, subjecting the employee to accountability.

This news has been read 2079 times!

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