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Saturday , December 3 2022

Kuwaitis exempted from entry visa to S. Korea, can stay for three months from entry date

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2,764 Kuwaitis visited in 2018

Ambassador of South Korea to Kuwait Hong Youngki

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 9: Ambassador of South Korea to Kuwait Hong Youngki has affirmed that Kuwaitis are exempted from entry visa into his country and they can stay for three months from the entry date; revealing the number of Kuwaitis who visited South Korea in 2017 reached 2,814 and 2,764 in 2018, reports Al-Rai daily.

In his statement to the daily, Hong said the number of tourists who visited his country in 2017 reached 13.5 million while 15.5 million visited in 2018. He pointed out that the increase in the number of tourists is a good indication of South Korea’s captivating beauty, along with touristic infrastructure mixed with scent of country’s history and the latest technology.

He said the people of South Korea are known for their smile and warm welcome for guests, in addition to the safety and security which the country enjoys.

On the important laws a tourist should be familiar with, the ambassador confirmed that South Korea is a free country but the law does not allow weapons, narcotics or agricultural produce deemed harmful to the environment or certain animals harmful to nature. “The money a tourist can carry upon arrival to South Korea differs from one tourist to another, as it depends on the duration of stay and destinations the tourist plans to visit,” he explained.

South Korea’s capital, Seoul, is considered the largest city in the country and one of the financial and cultural centers in East Asia. It comprises of an amazing mixture and variety of old customs and traditions, digital and modern technology, and many traditional food sellers on the streets and huge areas for nightlife.

The country has a very stringent educational system, tranquil Buddhist temples and youth pop-culture with regenerative ideas and distinguished architectural designs, as well as many other tourist attractions such as Jeju Island which is located in Jeju Province where the temperature during winter rarely drops to zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit).

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