Kuwaitis associated with heritage music art bemoan decision tied to radio merger

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Folklore Radio and its merger with the Arab Singing Radio, and the reduction of the broadcast of its lyrical materials of marine and Samaritan arts to only 4 hours, has been resented among specialists and those interested in the popularity of musical arts, because many Kuwaitis are associated with this type of heritage art, which documents their history and originality, and the radio includes a huge historical archive of Kuwait’s popular musical arts, reports Al-Qabas daily. Those interested in folklore criticized the decision to cancel and merge, especially since the Folklore Radio was an important archive for those wishing to hear Kuwaiti artistic folklore, and a new radio should have been established instead of canceling and merging with another radio.

Dr Nermin Al-Houti

Musician Ghannam Al-Dikan stressed the importance and role of the popular singing station in preserving the Kuwaiti musical heritage. He pointed to the role of radio in preserving Kuwaiti artistic folklore, and said: “It used to broadcast works that were produced before the advent of television, and whoever wanted to learn about Kuwait’s artistic heritage would listen to it, and in my opinion, the radio of popular arts is more important than the radio of Arabic singing.”

Professor of theatrical criticism at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Dr Nermin Al-Houti called the decision shocking for those interested in the ancient Kuwaiti artistic heritage, and “I was surprised at such a step, at a time when we called on the Minister of Information, Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, to support this station, enhance its presence and role, and even convert it into a television station, especially since it has its listeners and audience from different age groups, even young people who aspire to learn about the heritage of their homeland.” Al-Houti added, “What happened is a blurring of the national identity at a time when the state is seeking, through its various agencies, to inculcate and strengthen the Kuwaiti identity.” Al-Houti concluded by saying, “There are stations that do not have a large audience, and it would have been more appropriate to cancel and merge them.”

This news has been read 7044 times!

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