Kuwaitis and Expats spend KD 1.14mn on petrol/day

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10: In line with the increase in the number of cars in Kuwait and the increase in the proportion of the population, the rates of gasoline consumption in the country witnessed significant increases during fiscal 2021/2022, according to the Kuwait National Petroleum Company report, says Al-Anba daily. The company data showed that the volume of consumption was 4.46 billion liters during the year (equivalent to between private, premium and ultra petrol), i.e. an average daily consumption of about 12.2 million liters, with a significant increase of 26% compared to the previous fiscal year, in which consumption was about 3.5 billion liters, and this increase is also due to the full return to normal life after the lifting of all restrictions after the corona pandemic.

The daily consumption of gasoline by citizens and residents comes out to KD 1.14 million. Annually, Kuwait’s consumption of fuel and gasoline increases due to population growth, which is considered one of the largest rates in the region, in addition to urban expansion and the need to move between these areas by means of gasoline-consuming cars. It is clear from the consumption rates of premium gasoline that it accounts for the lion’s share of the annual consumption compared to other types of gasoline.

According to the KNPC the consumption of kerosene witnessed a significant increase over the past years, as its sales in the last fiscal year amounted to 176.6 million liters, compared to 108.8 million liters in the previous fiscal year, an increase of 62%. If we look at Kuwait’s consumption of kerosene over recent years, we find that sales have witnessed significant increases also since 2016/2017, which were then estimated at 141 million liters, to rise during the fiscal 2017/2018 to 158 million liters, and then recorded their highest levels ever in fiscal 2018/2019 when it recorded 169.1 million liters.

As for gas oil sales to the local market, its sales amounted to 2 billion liters compared to 1.9 billion liters in the previous fiscal year, i.e. a slight increase. Thus, the total fuel sales to the local market during the year amounted to 6.6 billion liters compared to 5.5 billion liters in the previous fiscal year, i.e. an increase amounted to about 20%.

This news has been read 13371 times!

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