Kuwaitis among happiest employees in the region

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KUWAIT CITY, June 19: A recent poll by the American organization Gallup reveals that Kuwaitis experience the second lowest level of daily workplace stress in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, surpassed only by Saudis. In contrast, the survey highlights that Lebanese workers endure the highest stress levels in the region.

The survey also indicates that Kuwaiti employees report the least anger at work, while Turkish employees are the most prone to anger. Additionally, Kuwaiti workers feel less sadness compared to their Lebanese counterparts.

In terms of workplace enjoyment, an impressive 84 percent of Kuwaiti employees reported having a good time at work, the highest percentage in the MENA region. This is in stark contrast to Lebanon, where only 6 percent of employees enjoy their time at work. However, despite these positive indicators, 45 percent of Kuwaiti respondents are actively seeking new job opportunities.

The survey, titled “The State of the Global Workplace for 2024,” positions Kuwait sixth in the region for job engagement and fifth for employee satisfaction with future career prospects. The survey aims to assess employee mental health and well-being, measuring job engagement through both positive experiences, such as professional development, and negative ones, including stress, anger, anxiety, sadness, and loneliness.

The comprehensive survey collected opinions from employees in over 160 countries and regions worldwide, with data from more than 128,000 employees gathered in 2023. Gallup reports that 34 percent of global participants feel they are “witnessing development in their workplace,” while 58 percent are “struggling,” and about 8 percent admit to “suffering” at work.

Regionally, the MENA survey results underscore significant challenges, with employees facing substantial daily pressures and exhibiting the second-lowest regional percentage in job engagement, indicating a generally poor work environment.

Globally, the top five countries for workplace satisfaction are Finland, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

This news has been read 2286 times!

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