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Kuwaitis 4th largest buyers

Recent real estate statistical data has shown Wednesday that the Kuwaitis were the fourth largest foreign real estate buyers in Turkey in August 2018.

Kuwaitis bought 271 real estate properties in Turkey last month, ranking fourth after Iraqis, 944, Iranians, 394, Saudis, 275, and ahead of Russians, who bought 192, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute’s data report.

Real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey reached 3,866 in August, an increase by 129.6 percent compared to the same month in 2017.

Istanbul topped the list of cities targeted by foreign real estate buyers with a total of 1,141 sold properties in August, followed by Antalya, 675, then Bursa, 307, Ankara, 305, and Yalova, 263.

Meanwhile, real estate general sales in Turkey have reached a total of 105,154 units in August, a decrease by 12.5 percent compared to the same month in 2017. As for real estate sales of August 2018, Istanbul had also the highest share of house sales with 14.5 percent or 15,262 houses, followed by Ankara with 9,291 house sales, Izmir, 5,064, and Hakkari, which was the least among provinces in sold real estates, with 14 house sales.

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