Kuwaiti Women’s Band Shines at Jerash Festival

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AMMAN, July 31: The Kuwaiti women’s band graced the Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts in Jordan with a mesmerizing musical evening. The talented musicians presented a captivating repertoire of Kuwaiti and Jordanian traditional songs, leaving the festival audience enthralled in the ancient city of Jerash.

Majida Al-Doukhi, the band’s director, expressed the significance of their participation in the renowned festival. Representing Kuwaiti heritage and original art, the band’s performance attracted both Jordanians and visitors to the Kingdom. The Jerash Festival, being one of the oldest in the Arab world, offered a splendid platform to showcase their artistic project.

The band’s artistic endeavor aims to preserve Kuwaiti songs and authentic folklore, infusing them with a fresh musical flair. Their performance showcased the exquisite art of Arda, Samaritan, and Tanboura, weaving together the rich cultural heritage of Kuwait and Jordan.

Founded in 2012 as a personal initiative, the band is comprised of exceptionally talented women, devoted to presenting authentic Kuwaiti art. Their contributions have enriched the artistic scene, participating in various cultural events both within and outside Kuwait.

The Jerash Cultural Festival, now in its 37th session, commenced last Wednesday, offering a diverse array of artistic and cultural activities from around the world. Held amidst the ancient ruins of Jerash, the festival epitomizes the spirit of presenting local, Arab, and international creations in this historical setting.

Year after year, the festival attracts creators, intellectuals, artists, media professionals, and influential folkloric art groups, along with craft exhibitions and traditional industries. Intellectual discussions and seminars further enrich the festival’s offerings, drawing the participation of renowned intellectuals, writers, and researchers.

The Kuwaiti women’s band’s exceptional performance at the Jerash Festival exemplifies their commitment to preserving and celebrating cultural heritage while embracing new musical expressions. Their artistic journey continues to captivate audiences and promote the essence of Kuwaiti and Jordanian traditions on the international stage. (KUNA)

This news has been read 2845 times!

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