Kuwaiti Vigilante Strikes: Scammer Caught on Camera, Face Exposed

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Based on the above-circulated video clip, a scammer conversing in the Arabic language initiated a video call with a Kuwaiti citizen. During the call, the scammer accused the citizen of neglecting the bank’s request to update bank information. Urging swift action, the scammer instructed the Kuwaiti citizen to show his bank card from their wallet for inspection, a step purportedly necessary for the data update process. Caught off guard by the unexpected turn of events, the scam caller was left without an answer. In response, he resorted to disconnecting the call off their mobile phone, abruptly concluding the video call.

Scammers have been known to pose as law enforcement officers on WhatsApp video calls, asking for credit card and bank details. They often create a sense of urgency and claim that an immediate response is required to avoid an unpleasant outcome. It’s important to note that neither the government nor legitimate institutions will ask for your personal information, such as passwords, bank details, or credit card numbers, through WhatsApp or any other unsolicited communication.

If you encounter such a scam, it’s recommended to avoid sharing any personal information, refrain from responding to messages or calls, block the scammer’s number, and report the scam to WhatsApp. Additionally, you should report the fraud to your bank or credit card company and consider changing your passwords and PINs as a precaution

This news has been read 7425 times!

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