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Kuwaiti staying outside Kuwait for more then 6 mnts will be referred to investigation

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 21: Any Kuwaiti except for students, businessmen and patients who remain outside the country for a period of 6 consecutive months shall be referred for investigation upon arrival to know the cause of the lengthy stay outside the country, reports Al-Anba daily quoting security sources.

The sources said the earlier investigations in similar cases have revealed that a number of persons who had stayed outside the country for several months, had either joined the extremist organizations or were involved in ‘unhealthy activities’ and were subsequently referred to the State Security apparatus for investigations.

If a citizen gives convincing justifications for his presence outside the country for a period of more than six months, he/she then is released by the security authorities, but if there is a suspicion, the person will be referred to the Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) or the State Security police for interrogation.

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