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Tuesday , September 27 2022

Kuwaiti plastic artists stress importance of participating in Arab, int’l exhibitions

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CAIRO, Nov 16: Kuwaiti plastic artists stressed on Tuesday the importance of participating in various Arab and international exhibitions in order to exchange experiences and learn about various artistic methods. This came in separate statements made by the artists to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on the sidelines of the Oscar International Art Land Exhibition for Fine Arts at the Abdel Moneim El-Sawy Culture Wheel in the Egyptian capital Cairo, which will continue until November 18 with the participation of 19 Arab and foreign countries, including the State of Kuwait. Kuwaiti plastic artist Dr Saud Al- Faraj praised the wonderful organization of the exhibition, as well as the distinguished media coverage and the large public attendance.

Kuwaiti plastic artist Ibtisam Al-Matar and Ibtihal Al-Awadi

He pointed out that this is his second time at the Abdel Moneim El-Sawy Culture Wheel in Cairo, stressing the high level of the panels participating in the exhibition from Kuwait, Egypt, Sweden, Qatar, Russia and other countries. Al-Faraj added that he will also participate in other paintings on November 26 in an art exhibition in the Minya governorate in southern Egypt. For her part, Kuwaiti plastic artist Ibtisam Al-Matar expressed her happiness to participate in the exhibition, indicating that it is her second exhibition in Cairo. Al-Matar explained that she is participating in the exhibition with an abstract painting of a girl who has a desire to fly in the sky, which is human and philosophical feelings that carry the meaning of freedom.

She indicated that she used the “knife” technique in drawing the painting, which mixed with the colors of the fields, the colors of the sun, and others, all of which are oil colors, noting that she did not use any brush in this work, which took a month. Al-Matar described the exhibition as a wonderful artistic opportunity to learn about different cultures and styles, whether Arab or foreign, especially since each country has a different civilization and culture, which is refl ected in its artistic nature. For her part, Kuwaiti plastic artist Ibtihal Al-Awadi said that she is participating in the exhibition with a surreal painting that expresses the struggle of good and evil, stressing that fine art is currently “overrun” in Kuwait and has many distinguished and well-known names. She pointed out that the exhibition is a good opportunity to exchange cultures, as each artist has his own style of drawing, especially plastic art, whether it is realistic, surrealist or cubist, indicating that “the art schools are wide, and every artist has to strive and develop his style.” , (KUNA)

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