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Kuwaiti National University Team to Shine at World University Games Championship in Chengdu

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KUWAIT CITY, July 27:  Kuwait’s national university team is gearing up for the highly anticipated World University Games Championship, set to kick off tomorrow in Chengdu, China. This grand event will witness the participation of 116 teams comprising approximately 9,000 players, administrators, coaches, and referees, lasting until August 8th.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Hamdan, the Secretary-General of the Kuwaiti Federation of School Sports and Higher Education, expressed enthusiasm in a recent statement, as the Kuwaiti delegation will partake in this prominent championship, featuring athletics and swimming competitions.

Notably, this marks the inaugural participation of Kuwait since gaining membership in the International Federation of Universities.

Heading the delegation is Dr. Salman Haji, a member of the Federation’s Board of Directors, accompanied by five talented players: Abdullah Al-Zankawi, Muhammad Khan, and Hashim Al-Ali in athletics, while Walid Al-Abd Al-Razzaq and Ali Bou Abbas will compete in swimming. Another esteemed member of the Board of Directors, Dr. Ali Al-Dhahi, also joins the delegation.

The dedicated players, known as the “University Blue,” have undergone rigorous preparation to take on this university-level mini-Olympiad, training at the Olympic Village’s world-class facilities designated for the competitions.

Participating in these games holds immense significance, providing a platform for Kuwaiti university students to showcase their sporting excellence on an international stage among their peers. Dr. Al-Hamdan expressed hope for Kuwaiti players to achieve commendable results in the championship.

This participation aligns with the federation’s strategic vision for the years 2021 to 2026, “Our talents are in our schools,” which focuses on nurturing a reliable base of student athletes and promoting active participation in sports.

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