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Kuwaiti citizen arrested for killing man in fraudulent sale of hashish

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 10: Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Salmiya Branch have arrested a Kuwaiti, born in 1997, for killing another person, reports Al-Anba daily.

The daily added, the suspect was arrested in less than five hours after committing the crime. During interrogation the suspect admitted to committing the crime and said he did not plan to murder the man. He said he had gone to the victim to get the value of drugs he had bought from the man after discovering that the hashish that he had bought was just a mixture of dates paste with some other substance.

The detectives are said to have recovered from the suspect the murder weapon, a sharp knife. The case has been recorded as premeditated murder. The daily added, the arrest came after the operations room of the Ministry of Interior received a notification from Mubarak Hospital that a 35-year-old person of undetermined nationality had arrived at the hospital with a stab in the chest and in the hand and that the doctors had failed to save his life.

The victim was allegedly rushed to the hospital by his brother after he received a call from the victim that he had been stabbed by the suspect near a fast food restaurant in Salmiya. When the brother rushed to the site of the incident, he found the victim soaked in blood and the former took him to the hospital without knowing the identity of the one who attacked him.

Investigations were carried out and through the victim’s phone securitymen identified the person who was in touch with him before the attack. During investigation the accused denied knowing about what had happened to the victim, but admitted that he had contacted the dead man to buy hashish and the latter came and handed him the money in exchange for hashish, he discovered the hashish that he purchased was just a mixture of dates with another substance. When he demanded his money back, the victim refused and he stabbed the man and escaped.

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