Wednesday , September 27 2023

Kuwaiti and Filipino captain ‘arrested’ as 700 bottles of foreign liquor seized from yacht

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KUWAIT CITY, May 8: The Kuwaiti authorities are looking for the owner of the yacht, believed to be a well-known social media personality, after the cooperation between the Ministry of Interior represented by the Coast Guard and the General Administration of Customs, seized 700 bottles of foreign alcohol from his boat, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the security authorities have taken into custody a Filipino (captain of the yacht) and a Kuwaiti who represents the maintenance company for the yacht but the security sources confirmed no arrest warrant has been issued so far and that extensive investigators are continuing to reach the main suspect.

The daily said both men have admitted that they had knowledge about the booze on the yacht but their statements are contradictory. One of them said the booze was for personal use while the other said it was for the purpose of trafficking. Nonetheless, the sources say it is too early to say say anything immediately about the seizure and the arrests. The yacht arrived in Kuwait from one of the GCC states.

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