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Wednesday , April 21 2021

Kuwaiti acquitted of consuming drugs, insulting cop

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 16: The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of the Court of First Instance and acquitted a Kuwaiti of the charge of consuming drugs, creating nuisance in public and insulting a police officer. According to cases papers, the defendant was charged with possessing narcotics with the intention of consuming, making a nuisance in a public place, driving under influence of alcohol and insulting a police officer on duty in public. Defence Attorney Dr Fahad Sulaiman Al-Shetan cited faulty arrest procedures because his client for no reason was ordered to pull over and subsequently arrested. He also said the report issued by the Criminal Evidences Department and samples taken from his client were wrong procedures. He said a mere feeling that his client looked disoriented did not warrant the search in his car and arrest.

Verdict overruled: The Court of Cassation presided by Judge Salem Al- Khadeer overturned the verdict of the lower court and set a Kuwaiti free. Court papers indicate the defendant was sentenced to 42 months imprisonment with hard labor for possessing heroin and other narcotic substances with intent to sell. The case papers say the Kuwaiti was arrested in Mahboula when he was told to stop and the latter opted to run for his life. As he continued running, he threw a pack of cigarettes which contained the narcotics. Defence lawyer AbdulMohsen Al- Qattan told the court, the lower court’s verdict is groundless because there was no reason for the police to stop his client in broad daylight since he did not commit any wrongdoing. Moreover, the arrest procedures, he reminded the court, were faulty.

Verdict Oct 26: The Misdemeanor Court of First Instance has fixed Oct 26 for issuing a verdict on a lawsuit filed by the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali against the Editor-in-Chief of Al-Watan Newspaper Sheikh Khalifa Al-Ali over an altercation that ensued during closure of the publishing company. According to the Security Media Department of Ministry of Interior, the concerned authorities filed three cases against Sheikh Khalifa Al-Ali for allegedly resisting and humiliating a police officer while the latter was on official duty. He was also accused of insulting and abusing a senior officer who ordered the execution of Public Prosecution’s decision to shut down the company for violating publication law

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