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Kuwait … where are we going?

IT is a simple question being asked daily by all of us on this land. For how long are we to remain behind our neighboring Gulf states without any directions or long-term objectives for the future? At the same time, our democracy is coming under fire with our neighboring countries putting the blame on our parliamentary system, and with some calling for its dissolution. The ongoing standoff between the parliament and the government is never ending.

Our never ending problems just continue to drag, while Kuwait’s stand on the world stage is getting lower ratings every year, if not every six months by the financial institutions. This time, a comfortable majority is not leaving the government alone. None can move forward; Kuwait will remain behind. The drop in the oil prices and the continuing deficit in our annual budget is an ongoing ordeal with no solutions at sight. The government is unable to formulate a solution, and the members of the parliament don’t seem to trust the government figures.

Kamel Al-Harami

The monthly threats of no cash availability to pay salaries in the coming month are ongoing every month. So, we ended up not trusting the figures nor the government. Kuwait needs a strong and determined government with a clear agenda and the capability to communicate, be transparent and have clearcut short-term plans. There is nothing to hide … we are an open society, and exposed to all types of media without any restriction. So, we know what is going on and we know the weakness of our government. Alas, the public seems to know what needs to be done, while the government is dragging itself without knowing its priorities and what needs to be done. There is nothing wrong with our democracy.

The ones that don’t have cannot say much because they do not have the minimum requirements of free speech or the freedom of free press. Surely, we are behind the rest. We realize its impact on the long term, but we can’t live without our democracy… we still need time to learn. Our state is not even 60 years old, and others don’t know its basic foundation. In conclusion, our democracy can, at any time, put to trial any of the top officials including the prime minister and other top ministers. Others can never do that within the established judicial system. That is a wide difference.

By Kamel Al-Harami Independent Oil Analyst

email: naftikuwaiti@yahoo.com

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