Kuwait vows robust effort for security against terror, crime

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KUWAIT CITY, July 25: The Ministry of Interior is determined and allegedly making robust efforts to enhance national security and protect Kuwait from terrorism, organized crime, and drug trafficking, reports Al-Qabas daily. A reliable source within the ministry told the daily that as part of the country’s international efforts, the status of Gulf and international terrorist lists has been integrated into Kuwait’s border crossing database.

This is in addition to the ministry establishing regional and international collaborations to pursue individuals wanted and convicted by law for security-related crimes under existing agreements. The source also emphasized that all entry points to the country form a formidable barrier, impervious to terrorist and dangerous elements sought globally. When questioned about the Interpol’s role and functions, the source explained, “Over the past three years, the Interpol department within the General Department of Criminal Investigation has been engaged in a project linking all state outlets to internationally wanted persons’ databases.” Since 2019, Kuwait’s border crossings have been connected to the Interpol database project, aimed at preventing the entry of internationally wanted individuals, including terrorists and other dangerous criminals flagged by the United Nations.

The project’s primary objective is to establish an information firewall at the border posts, effectively shielding Kuwait from potential threats. The Interpol administration actively tracks serious crimes worldwide and shares valuable insights on criminal methods with local authorities, enabling them to tackle emerging criminal activities and enhance their readiness to confront security challenges. Moreover, the Interpol department provides information to local search, investigation agencies, and law enforcement authorities, enhancing their capabilities in apprehending criminals and managing security concerns effectively.

The Ministry of Interior’s unwavering commitment to protecting Kuwait from terrorism, crime, and drug-related threats is under the direct supervision of the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid. To reinforce the country’s security measures, all Kuwaiti ports have been linked to Interpol’s databases since 2019, ensuring the prevention of entry for internationally wanted individuals, whose presence could pose a serious risk to public safety and national security.

The Interpol department plays a crucial role in coordinating with Gulf Arab and international police organizations, dating back to its establishment in 1962, after Kuwait signed the Criminal Exchange Agreement under the League of Arab States. Some of the essential tasks performed by the Interpol department include pursuing criminals wanted outside Kuwait’s borders, tracking down individuals wanted by other countries within Kuwait, facilitating international exchange of security and judicial information, and collaborating with state agencies to locate and apprehend wanted persons. In addition, the Interpol administration executes agreements concerning the transfer of prisoners to and from Kuwait in coordination with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Recently, the Interpol administration organized a workshop focused on combating bioterrorism, which saw participation from various national entities such as the Ministry of Health, Fire Department, scientific research organizations, customs, the Ministry of Defense, and the General Directorate of Civil Defense, to fortify Kuwait’s national plan for civil defense. Through these proactive measures and continuous efforts, Kuwait aims to bolster its security apparatus and stay ahead in combating terrorism and criminal activities both nationally and globally. The most important tasks of Interpol management include pursuing wanted criminals outside Kuwait, chasing the wanted persons inside Kuwait, international exchange of security and judicial information and coordinating with state agencies to follow up on wanted persons.

This news has been read 7495 times!

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