Kuwait to Benefit from Skilled Indonesian Domestic Workers

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26, (Agencies): In a significant development, Karim Tariq, President of the Kuwaiti Union of Owners of Domestic Workers Recruitment Offices, along with Khaled Al-Dakhnan, confirmed that Indonesia is poised to export skilled and trained domestic workers to Kuwait. This follows the successful completion or renewal of a joint governmental memorandum of understanding between the two nations.

Karim Tariq and Khaled Al-Dakhnan confirm Indonesia’s plan to export skilled domestic workers to Kuwait.

The announcement was made in an exclusive statement to Al-Anbaa during the Union’s official visit to the Republic of Indonesia. The visit, at the invitation of the Indonesian Union, aimed at exchanging crucial information regarding the resumption of bringing domestic workers to Kuwait — a process that had been halted for an extended period.

Al-Dakhnan disclosed that the visit included a comprehensive review of private education centers dedicated to training domestic workers. These centers play a pivotal role in preparing and equipping workers before they embark on their journeys to Kuwait, ensuring they are well-prepared for their roles.

During the visit, a pivotal meeting took place with the Director General of Training and Qualification Centers for Domestic and Skilled Workers, as well as the Director General of Contracts and External Relations Department. The significance of this meeting was underscored by the presence of representatives from both the Kuwaiti Federation and the Indonesian Federation.

Al-Dakhnan explained that, following the meeting held at the conference headquarters in Jakarta, the Indonesian side expressed their readiness to engage in discussions with the Kuwaiti government. The primary agenda of these talks includes the renewal of the expired memorandum of understanding or the negotiation of a new agreement between the two nations. This crucial step sets the stage for the resumption of labor recruitment contracts and subsequent worker deployments.

As the process moves forward, Al-Dakhnan issued an appeal to the relevant authorities, urging them to expedite the signing of these memorandums. This proactive approach is aimed at opening new avenues and diversifying the sources of labor recruitment, thereby preventing the recurrence of crises that have historically led to a shortage of applications—especially pertinent with the impending arrival of the holy month of Ramadan.

This news has been read 2350 times!

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