Kuwait Expresses Strong Condemnation Over Holy Quran Copy Burning in Sweden

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KUWAIT CITY, June 29: Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign affairs expressed strong denunciation of the setting alight of a Holy Quran copy by a Swedish extremist in front a mosque in Stockholm on Wednesday.
“This serious provocative move offends Muslims around the world, the Ministry said in a statement.
“The State of Kuwait reminds the international community and all countries concerned of their responsibility for acting against hate and religious extremism, and stopping the hostile acts that target the Muslim’s sanctity.

“Perpetrators of such hostile acts should be brought to book and prevented from using the principle of freedoms as a ploy to justify hostility against Islam or any holy faith,” the Ministry urged, stressing the need to promote the values of tolerance and coexistence among people with different faiths. (KUNA)

This news has been read 20018 times!

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