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Kuwait slams continued Houthi rocket attacks on Saudi Arabia

KUWAIT, March 5: Kuwait has condemned “in the strongest terms” the Houthi militia’s continued targetting of civilian-populated locations in Saudi Arabia by explosive drones, deeming these actions as “crimes.”
“The continuation of these crimes proves that this militia intends to resume its dangerous escalations,” Kuwait’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

Through these actions, the Houthis aim to harm the security of Saudi Arabia and undermine the stability of the region, the ministry added.
Kuwait went on to slam the group’s “defiance of international and humanitarian law and its disregard for international efforts to end the ongoing conflict (in Yemen) by reaching a political solution.”

The Gulf country urged international efforts, led by the United Nations Security Council, to take action aimed at putting an end to these “crimes.”
Kuwait also expressed its full support for Saudi Arabia’s measures to preserve its security, stability and sovereignty.(KUNA)

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