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Kuwait ‘routines’ UK likely attack warning – ‘Alarm regional’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 22, (KUNA): In response to a British warning Saturday of “likely attacks in Kuwait,” Kuwait Foreign Ministry assured the warnings are a routine measure and issued not for Kuwait only but for Middle East and most of the European countries. In a statement to KUNA in this regard, Assistant Foreign Minister for European Affairs Waleed Al-Khubaizi said that the Foreign Ministry has contacted the Interior Ministry to know if there is anything justifying this warning from the British Foreign Office.

“They have affirmed that they did not receive any warnings or information from the relevant British bodies about the likelihood of security threats,” Al- Khubaizi told KUNA. He stressed that the Ministry closely follows up the warning published on the British Foreign Office website and has contacted the UK embassy in Kuwait to ask about the warning, and the UK diplomats have promised to convey the Kuwaiti inquiries to relevant bodies in the UK.

There are similar warnings issued by the British Foreign Office for most regional countries, thus it was a routine action, he said, adding that Kuwait still waits for an official reply from the British side. For its part, the British Embassy in Kuwait said no warning for traveling to any of the Gulf States including Kuwait has been issued.

The embassy is confident of the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry’s ability to maintain security, it said in a statement. This warning is not uncommon, and is the result of British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s promise to the parliament to revise the ministry’s travel advices to all world countries. In an update to its foreign travel advice page on Saturday, the UK Foreign Office cautioned that “Attacks in Kuwait are very likely.” The ministry advised Britons in Kuwait to “be vigilant at all times, particularly in crowded places popular with foreign nationals, and take additional security precautions.”

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