Kuwait revokes the citizenship of 2 individuals over fraud allegations

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KUWAIT CITY, April 6: In a recent development, the Council of Ministers has taken a decisive step to revoke the Kuwaiti citizenship of two individuals, as well as those who obtained citizenship through dependency. This decision, enacted under Article (21 bis A) of the Nationality Law Decree and its subsequent amendments, highlights a stringent stance against fraudulent acquisition of citizenship.

Article (21 bis A) specifies that the Kuwaiti citizenship certificate may be withdrawn if it is determined to have been obtained unlawfully through deception, false statements, or incorrect documentation. The authority to withdraw citizenship rests with the Council of Ministers, upon recommendation by the Minister of the Interior. Importantly, this measure extends to individuals who gained citizenship through dependency on the original certificate holder.

This move underscores the government’s commitment to upholding the integrity of citizenship acquisition processes and ensuring that citizenship is granted only through lawful means. It also serves as a deterrent against any attempts to manipulate or exploit the system for personal gain.

The decision to revoke citizenship carries significant implications for the affected individuals, as it alters their legal status and rights within Kuwait. It reinforces the principle that citizenship is a privilege bestowed upon individuals who meet the criteria set forth by law, and underscores the responsibility of citizens to adhere to legal and ethical standards.

This latest action by the Council of Ministers reaffirms the government’s dedication to safeguarding the sovereignty and integrity of Kuwaiti citizenship, while sending a clear message that any attempts to subvert the law will be met with firm and decisive measures.

This news has been read 2611 times!

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