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Kuwait ranks 37th globally for internet speed and 5th in Arab world – UAE ranks 2nd and Qatar 4th globally

KUWAIT CITY, June 22: Kuwait ranked 37th globally and 5th in the Arab world on internet speed with an average speed of 42.44 Mbps, according to the monthly report issued by the “speed test” website released last month.

Report added that UAE ranked second in the world and first in the Arab world with an internet speed of 99.67 MB per second, and Qatar came fourth globally and second in the Arab world with Internet speed of 89.11 MB per second.

In this context, Information Technology expert Engineer Qusay Al-Shatti stressed in a special statement that Kuwait, in its current position, finds itself in a gap between the three frontline Gulf states that precede it at the speed of the Internet due to a major difference in speeds, which is up to almost a double, pointing out that Kuwait has made good steps in developing its infrastructure by defining 5G service at the level of the three telecom operators in Kuwait.

Al-Shatti added the 5G service does not cover all regions in Kuwait until now and needs further development, which is normal, especially as the service has not completed two years since its entry to Kuwait. He pointed out that the link for home internet service is still through copper networks, especially in the old areas.

It does not depend on the optical fiber system except in the new areas negatively impact the available capacities and contributes to slowing down the Internet speed compared to the modern system in the new regions. He pointed out that Kuwait is the least expensive country in terms of internet services compared to other Gulf countries.

Nevertheless, the services are almost equal, whether in the business sector or individuals. He stressed that Kuwait is considered in the advanced quarter and ranks among countries with excellent infrastructure and similar to the countries that precede it in ranking. “I recommend concerned officials in the sector to continue working to develop the services provided and try to cover the entire Kuwait with modern services as much as possible.”

Returning to the report of the “speed test” website, Saudi Arabia ranked tenth globally and third in the Arab world with speed of 62.33 MB per second, Lebanon came fourth in the Arab world and 34th globally with an internet speed of 44.65 megabytes per second. It is worth noting that South Korea ranked first with internet speed of 100.22 MB per second, followed by the UAE, then China ranked third globally with speed of 97.10 MB per second

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