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Thursday , August 18 2022

Kuwait ranked among best countries for construction workers

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Study takes into account cost of living

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 7: Kuwait, on the issue of construction workers, is ranked among the best countries in the world in the area of average wages and safety or rather cost of living according to ‘Work Wear Guru’ (WWG) company, reports Al-Rai daily. The study by WWG ranked Kuwait 23rd globally on the index of the world’s best countries for construction workers and third in the region after the UAE which is ranked 2th globally and Saudi Arabia ranked 20th. The study sheds light on the countries that dominate the construction market and provide the best opportunities for construction workers, and depends on its classification of countries based on the following three main factors to determine the best countries for construction workers.

The study also takes into account the cost of living for every country in the world, using the Numbeo Cost of Living Index and Global Population. High scores are lower in the study. Higher salaries are a good indicator of a competitive and skilled labor market, and in this factor, the study evaluated the average construction worker salaries and adjusted them based on the cost of living index for each country. The importance of safety at construction sites cannot be underestimated, given that the construction sector is consistently among the most dangerous industries, and using data from the “Lloyd’s Register Foundation”, safety in the world and in the European Union was measured by the percentage of people who answered yes to ‘If they have sustained serious injuries on the job’.

The study showed that the average salary of a worker in the construction sector in Kuwait is $29,674 (approximately 9,000 dinars) annually, ranking 28th globally in the average wages of construction workers, while the percentage of dangerous construction accidents is 14%, ranking 38th globally. The most prominent findings of the study included that Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the United States and Canada are the top five countries in the world for those working in the construction sector, and that the highest average salary for construction workers among all countries around the world is in Switzerland, which amounts to 79,159 dollars annually. The lowest average salary in Uzbekistan was recorded at $875.

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