Saturday , September 30 2023

‘Kuwait produces best quality honey in the world’

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Beekeeping popular among Kuwaitis

Abdul Aziz Al-Awami listening to members of the Kuwaiti Beekeepers Association

BEIRUT, Oct 6, (KUNA): Kuwait’s honey industry has seen significant developments in recent years, leading its products to gain a world quality recognition, a Kuwaiti beekeeping expert affirmed Friday.

Such developments are due for the efforts exerted by the honey industry sector in Kuwait, as well as the increasing number of honey keepers, Nael Al-Saif, Secretary of Kuwait Beekeepers Association, told KUNA. Al-Saif made his remarks on the sidelines of the 11th meeting of Arab Beekeeping Union in Beirut. He said the Association strives for highlighting the distinctive quality of Kuwaiti honey to the world, adding it has, so far, won two gold medals in its first international participation in Seoul, South Korea in 2015.

Furthermore, Al-Said said there are currently around 350 registered beekeepers in the Association, noting there is more than that number as non-registered members in Kuwait, including women. Beekeeping has gained a wide popularity among Kuwaitis over the years due for its easy learning, economic returns, and health benefits, said Al-Said

By Ayoub Khadaj