Kuwait pilgrims set for Hajj – Adhere to Saudi laws

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KUWAIT CITY, June 9, : The head of the Kuwaiti pilgrimage expedition Dr. Badr Al-Mutairi on Saturday affirmed that all preparations had been fully taken to host and serve the State of Kuwait pilgrims. Dr. Al-Mutairi, also the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Al-Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, lauded efforts of the congregation members for facilitating travel and the planned services rites of the adherents at the sacred sites. He was talking to KUNA during a visit to the expedition headquarters in Holy Makkah, with the attendance of the deputy chair of the expedition and the assistant undersecretary for information and external relations, of the Ministry of Al-Awqaf, Mohammad Al-Mutairi, along with heads of the tasked commissions. He also praised their devotion, punctual tasks and adherence to the timetables, stressing on the necessity to pursue the mission with a team work’s spirit.

Earlier in Kuwait, the Ministry of Health declared that the whole team of medical services for the Kuwaiti Hajj expedition had arrived in holy Makkah. Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, the MoH official spokesman said in a statement to KUNA that all of expedition’s medical equipment had been set up. The MoH clinics will open on Sunday with start of the Kuwaiti pilgrims’ arrival, he said, affirming that the ministry will secure all medical needs for the devotees namely the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases.

The ministry had declared that 41 health prevention centers had been set up to immunize the pilgrims. Chief of Kuwaiti pilgrimage mission Dr. Bader Al-Mutairi on Sunday stressed the need to adhere to the special systems and laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This came in a statement to KUNA by Dr. Al-Mutairi, also the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Al-Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, following a meeting between the head of the mission and his deputy and assistant undersecretary for information and external relations of the Ministry of Al-Awqaf Mohammad Al-Mutairi, along with heads of the tasked commissions.

Dr. Al-Mutairi expressed his thanks to the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Kuwait Prince Sultan bin Saad Al-Saud and to the staff of the Saudi Embassy in Kuwait for their cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. He also expressed his thanks to all the parties participating in the mission for their dedication and work. For his part, Consul General of Kuwait in Jeddah and its Permanent Representative to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Mohammad Al-Mutairi confirmed in a similar statement the consulate’s preparations for Hajj through its plans that were put in place early to facilitate and ease the work of the Supreme Hajj Committee. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Interior, the General Fire Force, the Public Authority for Youth, the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition, and Kuwait Red Crescent Society at the mission headquarters in Makkah. The meeting discussed topics related to the services provided to the pilgrims of Kuwait and reviewed the Hajj mission plan.

On Saturday, Director of Public Security Lieutenant General Mohammad Al-Bassami stressed that security of the homeland, the pilgrims and the holy sites are red lines affirming that the security forces will deal firmly against any illegal acts or bids against the pilgrims’ safety. The security forces’ priority is safeguarding the security and safety of the pilgrims as they perform the rituals at the various sacred locations, said Lieut. Gen. A-Bassami, who was speaking during a news conference organized by the Saudi Ministry of Interior — grouping officers of the squads assigned to maintain the Hajj security. He indicated that the security troops will set up checkpoints around the holy sites and ensure that incoming people carry the proper papers to perform the rites. He has also indicated that there will be preventive measures against possible crimes.

For his part, Major General Mohammad Al- Omari, the commander of emergency forces, said the squads would maintain order and security in Holy Makkah and Medina, prevent violators of the regulations from reaching the rites’ sites, manage the throngs and organize the Satan stoning rite. Air Vice Marshal Abdulaziz Al-Draijan, the commander of air security, indicated that drones would scour the pilgrims’ throngs to ensure their unhindered movement. Dr. Hmoud Al-Faraj, the commander of the Hajj civil defense, has affirmed that preventive supervision in the capital and the holy places will be intensified and that humanitarian services will offered for the pilgrims. The head of the passports personnel, Dr. Saleh Al-Merbe, affirmed that transactions for the arrivals have been proceeding perfectly. (KUNA)

This news has been read 729 times!

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