Kuwait Pavilion design inspired by iconic water towers

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 12: Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information and Commissioner-General of Kuwait’s participation in ‘Expo 2020 Dubai’, Munira Al-Huwaidi, said Sunday that Kuwait’s participation in the ‘Expo Dubai 2020’ in early October is the largest of its kind and reflects the cultural heritage of Kuwait in various fields. Al-Huwaidi said in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that Kuwait’s participation in the Expo hosted by Dubai over a period of six months entitled “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” is an exceptional platform that allows the global community to cooperate to discuss global development factors such as sustainability, mobility and opportunities.

Kuwait Pavilion at ‘Expo Dubai 2020’

She affirmed Kuwait’s keenness to participate in international forums to present its strategic projects and initiatives to achieve development goals, in addition to introducing the cultural heritage, attracting investments, and highlighting its humanitarian contributions. Al-Huwaidi stated that the final preparations for the participation are taking place “in full swing” for the opening of the Kuwait Pavilion, which has an area of about 5.5 thousand square meters and a height of 24 meters, inspired by the design of water towers.

She added that the Kuwait Pavilion is located within the sustainability area under the slogan ‘New Kuwait, New Opportunities for Sustainability’, indicating that the content creation of participation was based on two main pillars: scientific research that led to the exploitation of the five senses of the human being, and the second was an opinion poll conducted to find out what the visitor wanted to know about Kuwait. She stated that the latest findings of the visual, audio and sensory technology industry were used in the creation of the participation content, noting that Kuwait’s official logo in the exhibition carries messages related to Kuwait’s Vision 2035 and the elements of sustainability within which the Kuwait pavilion is located in the Expo area. Al-Huwaidi indicated that the participating parties were identified to meet with more than 250 government and private agencies to participate in the activities that extend for six months and are divided into weeks and days, each bearing a special address that matches the activities. She called on everyone to attend the Kuwait pavilion at ‘Expo Dubai 2020’ and its activities to learn about innovations and distinguished ideas that aim to find alternatives that guarantee the perpetuation of progress, development and prosperity.(By Fawaz Al-Otaibi – KUNA)

This news has been read 13176 times!

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