Kuwait one of our most important partners

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 20: The Commander of the Air Force in the Joint Forces of the US Central Command, Lieutenant General Alex J. Grynkewich said the American military presence is not the only thing that links the United States with the countries of the region, reiterating that “Kuwait is our partner outside of NATO and our commitment to its security continues.”

During a press conference held at the US Embassy, he expressed his admiration and strong appreciation for the capabilities and capabilities of the Kuwaiti Air Force, saying: “We are proud to have flown side by side since the 1990s. Kuwait has the latest defense equipment in addition to F-18 aircraft.”

He thanked Kuwait for the facilities and services it provides to the American forces to help establish security and peace in the region.

General Grynkewich explained that he visits Kuwait several times during the year to discuss with the leadership of the Kuwaiti Air Force issues of regional security in the region, the missile defense system, and joint cooperation. He also spends some time with the American forces stationed at Ali Al-Salem Air Base, which contains a number of air carriers. It is considered a major logistical source to provide all American forces in the region with the necessary supplies.

He pointed out that there is no difference in terms of equipment, weapons and communication data between Kuwaiti aircraft and American aircraft, which makes it easier for them to fly side by side.

He explained that Kuwait has a number of other European aircraft, which we have become accustomed to through joint exercises with the NATO Air Force, where they can That the commander of the air squadron is American and his wing is Kuwaiti, there is a common understanding between our pilots, confirming that the Kuwaiti Air Force has great capabilities.

He added: “Although the number of American forces in the region is not what it was before, due to the return of soldiers who were stationed in Afghanistan, bringing more naval vessels contributed to achieving this stability.”

Grynkewich pointed out, “The United States has several partners and allies in the region, and Kuwait is considered one of the most important of these partners, along with Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Qatar. We cooperate together to confront conflicts and any actions that destabilize the security of the region. Security cooperation is part of our strong relationship with the countries of the region, and currently we have a focus on “To develop our partnership and trade and investment relations with countries in the region.”

Regarding the possibility of supplying Kuwait with F-35 aircraft, Grynkewich said, “The decision is not up to me, but I believe that if Kuwait requests this matter, the United States will consider this matter, and we always support Kuwait.”

This news has been read 3379 times!

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