Kuwait on its way to rising again

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Filtering subsidy, Bedoun issue key

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: Milestones of the expected developmental breakthrough that His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah will launch during his visit to China in September include challenges related to Bedouns, loans, amnesty, strengthening the ruling house and a subsidy filtration procedure that takes into consideration the use of cash instead of the ration card for those with low income. Reliable sources confirmed earlier reports about the plan of His Highness the Crown Prince to start the development of the country as part of a comprehensive and carefully laid down strategy under his supervision, for which he issued strict directives for its implementation.

■ Preparing the youth of the ruling family to have the ability to make the right decision
■ Personal loans must be considered in order to block the path of the owners of the slogans
■ Subsidy is huge for the public treasury and there is an aggrieved segment
■ Kuwait went through a ‘political malaise’ in recent years and is currently recovering from it
■ Expanding the amnesty to include everyone according to a fair legal perspective in which everyone is equal before the law

Sources indicated that Kuwait has gone through a ‘political malaise’ in recent years and it has had a negative impact on various fields. They affirmed the country is currently recovering from this malaise and it is on its way towards rising again. They pointed out that the political leadership has been aware of the negative image left by the recent events among citizens. They were quick to add that “correcting the political path was a priority, so there will be no incomplete step.”

Sources added: “His Highness is keen on sorting out the needs of citizens and he is fully aware of their suffering. He is focusing on the loans issue as it affected a huge percentage of society. It is now necessary to resolve the issue, such that the entire file will be reviewed thoroughly to ascertain no one is aggrieved.” Sources revealed “the previous governments neglected the issue and succumbed to the whims of ‘beneficiaries’, particularly those who raised the ‘social justice’ slogan. In this manner, they exacerbated the problem.”

They confirmed that “His Highness the Crown Prince is determined to put the solution to the issue on a hot fire, taking into account the difference between the needy who obtained a loan to cover their needs, and those whose loans are secured by mortgages and in-kind assets taken from banks.” Sources revealed: “There is an advanced view in this regard, that is, to consider personal loans out of mercy; such that, it serves as a catalyst for social stability, which His Highness the Crown Prince is keen on achieving.” Sources clarified: “This is due to the fact that he is convinced Kuwait cannot advance unless this issue is addressed. The neighboring countries have started solving the issue; thereby, giving those who were in difficulty a chance to return to their normal lives. He believes this greatly contributed to the stability of these countries.” Sources stated that the plan of His Highness the Crown Prince includes “the payment of these loans through the banks with State guarantee and they shall bear interest. Actually, this is related to the subsidy issue.”

Sources added: “The view in this regard is that the issue has become a burden on the State. Therefore, its abundance will be in the interest of the needy. The large amount wasted annually is a massive cost for the public treasury. The money goes into the pockets of the wealthy and the merchants, while a certain segment is aggrieved due to the claim that the ration card helps them monthly and relieves their suffering. If the low salaries were raised and cash allowance was allocated to the needy, the State would not have spent as much as its current expenditure on subsidies.” Sources went on to say that “amnesty is included in His Highness’ plan; as he intends to expand it in a bid to cover everyone concerned according to a fair and legal perspective. His Highness stressed that the law must be used as the gauge in this matter and no one is above the law.”

Sources also confirmed that the Bedoun issue is one of the priorities of His Highness the Crown Prince. They said the issue continues to snowball daily; hence, agitating international concerns. They added that there are realistic solutions which can be considered and there should be a conclusion in this regard. At the same time, they indicated that His Highness the Crown Prince believes the revival and stability of Kuwait necessitates resolving all issues which tarnish its image abroad and exhaust the security services at home. Sources pointed out that His Highness’ strategy recognizes the fact that Kuwait was the gateway to the Gulf in the past decades.

Sources asserted the country must return to its previous status; not only in tourism but in all fields, especially conferences, seminars, and cultural and artistic festivals. “All this can be achieved only through infrastructure which could accommodate visitors and make domestic tourism attractive, considering the large number of people who spend on tourism abroad,” sources elaborated. Sources disclosed the most important issue, which His Highness the Crown Prince believes must be resolved quickly, is fortifying the ruling house according to a strategy aimed at “preparing the youth of the ruling family to develop their ability to make the right decision, manage national affairs in accordance with their competence, and perform tasks properly, even if the State spends more on them.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 13267 times!

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