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Wednesday , November 30 2022

Kuwait to observe 2 ranges of low atmospheric pressure – Sea goers urged to be careful

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KUWAIT CITY, May 29: Astronomer Adel Al-Marzouqi has said Kuwait will observe two ranges of low atmospheric pressures for a period of three days starting from Tuesday May 30, reports Al-Anba daily.

The first range of low pressure will be observed in southern part of the Arabian Peninsula and the second range around the Iranian mountains, he added.

The low pressure area will extend from the Strait of Hormuz at the very south of the Gulf to north of the Caspian Sea. The two troughs will bring about strong northwesterly winds at speed 70km/h and above.

The expected winds will start at forenoon creating dust in the region of Central Iraq all the way to Abu Dhabi. Al-Marzouq expected closure of the ports due to intensity of the dust that will bring about low visibility.

He expected the incoming flights to Kuwait will be redirected to other airports in the region. He said the winds will begin to subside to 40 kilometers per hour by Friday night and then rise again to 45 kilometers per hour on Saturday night before it finally clears up Sunday night.

The period is known in Kuwait as Al-Bawareh where the wind usually blows by day and subsides by night. Al-Bawareh usually begins June 6 but it seems it’ll surface early this year, he said. He called on sea goers to be careful as high waves will be observed at sea with heavy dust. He also advised fishermen to avoid the sea during the period.

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