Kuwait Municipality sets permanent regulations for the spring camping season

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A view of the spring campsites in an unidentified area in the Kuwaiti desert

KUWAIT CITY, May 25: The Kuwait Municipality has finalized a special regulation for camping, designed to be a permanent alternative to the temporary controls and requirements set by the Municipality’s Camps Committee each spring. This new regulation aims to reorganize designated camping sites, preventing slums and the overcrowding of adjacent camps.

A source from the municipality told Al-Jarida that the new regulations will allow the private sector to exploit sites for placing camps and renting them out, as well as establishing cafes, restaurants, shops, and halls on other designated sites. This will be done according to specific activities permitted and with a defined fee per square meter, ensuring a legal framework to prevent any violations or tampering. The source emphasized that this initiative supports entrepreneurs and maximizes the benefits of the spring camping season. The regulations also impose fines for the random exploitation of camping sites and lands in the north, south, and west of the country that pollute the natural environment.

The Legal Department is currently reviewing the articles of the regulation to ensure their proper approval before referring them to the Municipal Council for discussion and comments.

A source within the Kuwait Municipality revealed that the regulation specifically targets the spring camping season. It aims to reorganize camping sites and prevent the formation of slums and overcrowded camps. One of the regulation’s key features is allowing the private sector to utilize camping sites for renting purposes, and to set up cafes, restaurants, shops, and halls with specified fees per square meter. This legal framework is designed to prevent tampering and support project owners during the spring camping season. The regulation also includes fines for the random exploitation of camping sites and land that leads to environmental pollution.

The bylaw is currently being reviewed by the Legal Department and will be referred to the Municipal Council for further discussion and consideration.

In a related event, the Kuwait Oil Company held a ceremony to honor the members of the committee responsible for studying and updating the sites allocated for spring camping for the 2023/2024 season. Muhammad Al-Basri, the director of the public relations and media group at the company, acknowledged the effective role of the committee in protecting sites near the Kuwait Oil Company during the camping season. He highlighted the significant effort made by the committee in enforcing the law, which contributed to a successful and well-managed season.

Al-Basri praised the participating government agencies, including the Kuwait Municipality, the Ministry of Interior, the Public Authority for the Environment, and the Authority for Public Affairs, Agriculture, and Fisheries. He noted the participation of women in the field and emphasized the collaborative effort in making the season a success and protecting natural resources.

Nawaf Al-Mutairi, Director of the Cleaning and Road Works Department in the Jahra Governorate Municipality, commended the inspectors and officials in the municipality who were part of the spring camps committee. Speaking on behalf of the Director of the Kuwait Municipality, Engineer Saud Al-Dabbous, Al-Mutairi highlighted the distinguished work of the committee and the support from government agencies, resulting in a season characterized by cooperation and success.

This news has been read 613 times!

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