Kuwait Municipality mobilizes 1,720 workers, and 387 machines for poll stations clean-up

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Kuwait Municipality ready for elections with 124 clean polling schools

KUWAIT CITY, April 3: The Kuwait Municipality has announced the readiness of 124 schools designated as polling stations for the upcoming elections, with preparations completed by public hygiene teams across all governorates of the country. Tomorrow, Thursday, male and female voters will be welcomed at these locations, ensuring a clean and safe environment for the electoral process.

Muhammad Al-Mutairi, the Director of Public Relations and official spokesman for Kuwait Municipality, elaborated on the extensive preparations undertaken. He stated that cleaning teams have diligently completed their work in 119 schools allocated to both primary and subsidiary committees across the five electoral districts. Additionally, five schools have been designated for the main committees in each electoral district.

The total workforce involved in cleaning operations across all governorates during both morning and evening periods amounts to 1,720 cleaning workers. Al-Mutairi emphasized the importance of their efforts in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards at the polling stations. Furthermore, a total of 387 machines and equipment have been deployed to support these cleaning endeavors.

To ensure the proper disposal of waste generated during the electoral process, a total of 1,037 containers of various sizes have been strategically placed in front of polling schools and surrounding areas. These measures aim to facilitate a smooth and orderly voting experience for citizens while upholding hygiene standards by municipal regulations.

This news has been read 386 times!

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