Kuwait Municipality issues 11 warnings for building violations in Jahra

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A photo of the recent inspection tour by the Kuwait Municipality officials in the Jahra Governorate.

KUWAIT CITY, June 22: The Kuwait Municipality has announced the issuance of 11 warnings for violations of building regulations in the Jahra Governorate. This action is part of the “A Lifetime House Without Violations” campaign, launched in early June, aimed at ensuring compliance with private and model housing building requirements and specifications.

Abdullah Al-Ajmi, Head of the Engineering Violations Follow-up Department at the Jahra Governorate Municipality Branch, stated that the recent inspection tour covered the plots in Al-Mutlaa residential city, the fifth district, and several other areas within the governorate.

Al-Ajmi highlighted that this inspection tour marks the fourth by the supervisory team from the Engineering Audit and Follow-up Department. The primary goal is to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of adhering to building regulations, emphasizing that a home built without violations is crucial for long-term sustainability.

The supervisory team is committed to inspecting these plots to ensure compliance with building regulations and to monitor any encroachments on state property in the Al-Mutlaa area. Al-Ajmi stressed the importance of adhering to the municipality’s regulations and laws, noting that the supervisory teams will intensify their inspection tours to identify violators and enforce legal measures against them.

Al-Ajmi explained, “The first action we take as engineers is to alert property owners to present their approved licenses. If a violation is found, the engineering office supervising the plot will be held accountable, and its operations will be halted. Both the engineering office and the contractor will face consequences, in cooperation with other departments, until legal procedures are completed.”

He further detailed that in cases of confirmed violations of Article 39 of the Building Regulations, a block is placed on the property, halting all work. The engineering office supervising the building and the approved licenses will be held accountable. Strict measures will remain in place until the violations are rectified and legal procedures are concluded. Additionally, the property owner will be denied the ability to complete the supervision process and will not receive electrical service until all violations are resolved.

The campaign underscores the Kuwait Municipality’s dedication to maintaining strict adherence to building regulations, ensuring safe and compliant construction practices throughout the region.

This news has been read 1285 times!

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