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Kuwait looking for solutions due to Filipino domestic workers ban

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 8: In recent development pertaining to ban on Philippines maids to Kuwait implemented by Philippines authorities, Kuwait is seeking other sources from Nepal, Ethiopia, India and Indonesia reports Al Qabas.

The public manpower authority Dr. Mubarak Al-Azmi said, an Ethiopian delegation will be discussing the possibility of sending its domestic workers to Kuwait. He further stated that Kuwait is coming up with new rules in regards to hire of domestic workers so that similar problems faced by Filipino maid Janelle Villavendi will be prevented.

Sources said that the Kuwait authorities were unaware of the death of Filipino maid until the news was published in news media and social media. Sources said that the Kuwait authorities didn’t receive any official letter in regards to the suspension nor ban, hence meeting was held with Ministry of foreign affairs and Philippines Embassy to know the decision.

Concerning the deceased maid, Al – Azmi state that Kuwait authorities quickly launched investigation into the incident and it was clear that there was a complaint sent to the recruiter/ labor office by her in regards to the salaries which was not paid but unfortunately the labor office did not inform Philippines Embassy but settled the issue amicably but later again same issue was repeated.

Kuwait refused clause to sue Kuwaiti sponsors in Philippines or any part of the world

Due to risk involved of Kuwaiti sponsors being arrested on travel to Asian countries, Kuwait refused to sign as sometimes domestic workers would be register malicious complaints against Kuwaiti sponosors.

The sources confirmed that the talks between Kuwait and Manila are still open in regards to the return of workers from the Philippines with the lack of clear-cut solutions so that both countries could benefit. Meanwhile solution of Domestic workers who went on vacation returning back to their original sponsors provided the labor office takes full responsibility on their salaries and safety talks have been going on.

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