Kuwait launches new Center for Disease Prevention and Control to boost public health

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Kuwait’s Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadi, launches the Kuwait Center for Disease Prevention and Control,.

KUWAIT CITY, June 12: In a significant move to enhance public health and improve performance efficiency, Kuwait’s Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadi, inaugurated the Kuwait Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Speaking to reporters at the opening ceremony, Dr. Al-Awadi emphasized that the establishment of the center is part of a broader strategic vision to advance the healthcare system and achieve sustainable development.

Dr. Al-Awadi highlighted that the center’s primary objective is to strengthen the health system’s capabilities to tackle various health challenges. This will be achieved through scientific methodologies and evidence-based approaches, analyzing national health statistics, and developing comprehensive plans and strategies to promote public health and community well-being. The center will coordinate closely with various public health departments within the ministry.

The center, which includes the Public Health Emergency Department and the Public Health Policies and Information Department, is tasked with preparing for and responding to public health emergencies and natural disasters. This effort will involve close collaboration with relevant authorities both within and outside the Ministry of Health. The center will also work directly with laboratories to monitor public health threats, including emerging diseases, outbreaks, and antibiotic resistance.

Dr. Al-Awadi expressed confidence in the center’s staff, highlighting their role in implementing preparedness and response plans for public health emergencies. He noted that the center will provide essential health recommendations based on risk assessments and will offer expert advice to national decision-makers.

Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Affairs, Dr. Al-Mundhir Al-Hasawi, underscored the urgent need for the center, which aims to bolster Kuwait’s ability to respond effectively to health challenges, epidemics, and emergencies. He explained that the center will monitor health information on hospital occupancy rates, intensive care units, primary health care, and various health records across both public and private sectors. This oversight will ensure compliance with international standards and improve Kuwait’s health classification globally.

Dr. Al-Hasawi noted that the center will identify comprehensive public health priorities, policies, strategies, and programs, and will oversee their implementation in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other state agencies. He stressed that the center’s establishment is a pivotal step toward effective health emergency management, with responsibilities clearly defined in the founding decision. The center will generate recommendations based on data analysis and research findings, marking a qualitative advancement in handling health emergencies.

The inauguration of the Kuwait Center for Disease Prevention and Control represents a milestone in Kuwait’s ongoing efforts to enhance public health infrastructure and response capabilities, ensuring better health outcomes for its population.

This news has been read 573 times!

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