40 Areas in Kuwait Affected by Power Outage

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KUWAIT CITY, June 19: The Ministry of Electricity disclosed the cause behind the extensive power outage experienced across the country. The source attributed the outage to the shutdown of a key power station, citing increased pressure on the facility amid soaring temperatures and heightened energy demand. This disruption affected over 40 regions nationwide, with the restoration of the affected station estimated to take between two to four hours.

Addressing the situation, the Ministry of Electricity swiftly established an emergency response center to oversee the resolution of defects, outages, and grievances. The ministry is set to release a comprehensive statement detailing the incident shortly.

Today marked a critical juncture for Kuwait as the nation grappled with a surge in power outages in residential areas. The outages affected segments of 15 regions, including prominent areas such as Yarmouk, Al-Oyoun, and Farwaniya. The disruption was attributed to several transformers going offline due to strain on the electrical grid exacerbated by rising temperatures.

In response to the outages, emergency teams from the Ministry of Electricity swiftly mobilized to address the malfunctioning transformers and initiate repairs to restore service promptly.

40 Areas Experienced Power Outages

  1. Al-Rai
  2. Khaitan
  3. Al-Yarmouk
  4. Abdullah Port
  5. Industrial Shuwaikh
  6. Al-Nuzha
  7. Sabah Al-Salem
  8. Al-Rihab
  9. Al-Oyoun
  10. Al-Waha
  11. Al-Surra
  12. Al-Rawdah
  13. Al-Shamiya
  14. Al-Khaldiya
  15. Al-Fintas
  16. Al-Bida’a
  17. Al-Salemiyah
  18. Hawally
  19. Al-Ardiya
  20. Salwa
  21. Al-Mangaf
  22. Al-Farwaniya
  23. Jaber Al-Ali
  24. Al-Jabriya
  25. Om Al-Haiman
  26. Saad Al-Abdullah
  27. Al-Qadsiya
  28. Al-Rumaithiya
  29. South Al-Surra
  30. Al-Salam
  31. Abdullah Al-Mubarak
  32. Sabah Al-Salem
  33. Al-Mansouriya
  34. Al-Finṭas
  35. Al-Andalus
  36. Al-Dhahr
  37. Al-Adan
  38. Bneid Al-Gar
  39. Mubarak Al-Kabeer
  40. Al-Eshbilya

This news has been read 12416 times!

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