Kuwait faces electricity crisis after outage in Nozha and Mansouriya areas

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Power failure in Nozha and Mansouriya worsens Kuwait’s electricity woes.

KUWAIT CITY, May 1: A recent power outage in parts of the Nozha and Mansouriya areas has exacerbated Kuwait’s ongoing electricity crisis. The outage, which lasted for several hours, was caused by the malfunctioning of the main transfer station, Abdullah Al-Salem “M”. Despite the relatively mild summer conditions, representatives and experts are raising alarms about the country’s energy infrastructure.

Dr. Badr Al-Mulla, a prominent representative, expressed concern over the outage occurring before the peak season of high electricity loads. He criticized the government’s lack of a clear strategy to address the issue and called for urgent action, including public discussions on the electricity problem.

MP Abdul Wahab Al-Issa highlighted the inadequacy of the Gulf connection in meeting Kuwait’s energy demands. He warned of escalating deficits, projecting significant shortfalls in the coming years.

Other representatives, including Abdul Karim Al-Kandari and Falah Al-Hajri, emphasized the need for exceptional measures to prevent further power failures. Al-Kandari called for improved government accountability, citing delays in implementing electricity production projects.

Al-Jarida, a local newspaper, previously warned of an impending electricity crisis due to urban expansion and population growth. The high temperatures in summer, exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, exacerbate the situation, leading to increased demand for cooling and air conditioning.

In response to the crisis, Representative Abdullah Al-Mudhaf urged the government to present an urgent plan to address the deteriorating situation. Meanwhile, Dr. Falah Al-Hajri proposed ending the school year early to reduce energy consumption, particularly in schools with no students or educational activities.

As Kuwait braces for the summer season, stakeholders are calling for coordinated efforts to mitigate the risks posed by the electricity crisis. Urgent action is needed to ensure the reliability and sustainability of the country’s energy supply.

This news has been read 1994 times!

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