Kuwait Equestrian Center prepares for exciting season finale

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Ali Al-Kharafi with Ali and Hussein Al-Kharafi.

KUWAIT CITY, April 30: Next Saturday, all attention will converge on the Kuwait Equestrian Center track for the eighth and final round of the third edition of the local league. Here, champions will be honored, marking the conclusion of the season. Following this, riders will transition to foreign summer camps in preparation for the upcoming season.

Ali Jassim Al-Kharafi, the star of the Kuwait Equestrian Club, continues to illuminate the world of show jumping both locally and abroad. This success is attributed to the meticulous preparation and equipping of his horses, the establishment of camps, and unwavering family support since the inception of his equestrian journey. Transitioning from a mere hobbyist to a seasoned professional, he has earned the moniker “Lebanon” since he entered the field several years ago.

The Kuwait Club maintains its customary dominance in equestrian sports, as evident from the season’s results. Likewise, Knight Ali Al-Kharafi sits comfortably atop the standings with 150 points, a significant lead over his competitors, securing his third consecutive league title. He stands alone as the sole knight to claim this honor, elevating the stature of his club to the pinnacle.

Within the Kuwait Club, numerous knights, such as Ghazi Al-Jariwi and Yara Al-Hunaidi, fiercely vie for the top five positions. The legacy of success extends beyond the seasoned champions, as a new generation emerges poised to carry on the club’s illustrious journey. Led by Hussein Ahmed Al-Kharafi and Ali Ahmed Al-Kharafi, alongside Fatima Al-Khunaini, Faisal Al-Khunaini, Muhammad Al-Mulaifi, Muhammad Al-Rifai, Badra Al-Awadi, Ghanima Al-Marzouq, Dalal Safar, and Abdullah Al-Hamad, they bear the responsibility of upholding the club’s tradition of excellence.

This news has been read 400 times!

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