Sunday , September 24 2023

Kuwait Crack Down on New Techniques of Vote-Buying

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KUWAIT CITY, May 27: In response to the directives from His Excellency the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, and Acting Minister of Defense, a concerted effort is underway to combat any criminal activities that undermine the integrity of elections.

The General Department of Criminal Investigation, representing the criminal security sector, has successfully exposed a network of intermediaries and brokers involved in vote-buying operations. This illicit scheme involved ten individuals who were working on behalf of two candidates participating in the 2023 National Assembly elections.

During the investigation, one of the individuals was discovered in possession of substantial amounts of cash, lists containing the names and information of voters willing to sell their votes, and an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. These items were uncovered incidentally during the search conducted on behalf of one of the candidates.

The remaining defendants were also apprehended with cash, voter lists, and, in one case, narcotics that were intended for personal use while working for another candidate.

All of the accused individuals and seized items have been referred to the appropriate Public Prosecution authority, which will conduct a thorough investigation and hold all those involved in the incident accountable.

The Ministry of the Interior emphasizes that its departments remain steadfast in their efforts to combat election-related crimes, particularly the troubling issue of vote-buying. These ongoing efforts include addressing and exposing the various methods employed in such crimes and taking necessary action to ensure the integrity of future elections.

The Ministry further asserts its unwavering commitment to upholding the law for all individuals and its dedication to identifying and dealing with anyone attempting to circumvent legal protocols. The public is encouraged to report any relevant information via the confidential hotline (97272672), with the assurance that their identities will be fully protected and respected.

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