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Monday , October 25 2021

Kuwait cooperative societies don’t see panic buying, situation normal

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 28: With the emergence of a new strain of the coronavirus and panic created by the strain in some countries which resulted Kuwait in closing its airspace to passenger traffic, the cooperative societies and markets did not witness any unusual movement, panic, or fear of shortage of goods and products, because the cooperative societies were able to withstand the situation by providing consumers everything they needed, reports Al-Anba daily. Since the cooperative societies are the valve of food safety, they have become immune to dealing with developments and any emergencies that may occur, and have great experience in putting in place plans, providing strategic stocks, and dealing with the large numbers of consumers.

File photo shows consumers in one of the cooperative societies in Kuwait

The daily quoting the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Qortuba Cooperative Society, Nasser al-Basri, stated the coop is ready to face possible scenarios and that the coop has sufficient strategic stock for any emergency, and went on to say, “we hope that the crisis will pass peacefully, explaining that the cooperative societies have proven their ability to deal with major crises and are ready to surpass it with experience it has gained during the past years.” Al-Basri added the markets did not witness an unusual shopping spree, and there is a state of reassurance to consumers and the sale movement was less than usual, whether in food or basic commodities, sterilizers or face masks.

The head of the Khaldiya Cooperative Society, Khaled Al-Yaseen, said the situation is stable and calm, and the people movement who come to the coop is like any other day, saying all products and commodities are available, praise be to God, indicating that all the people of the region, including the shareholders and others, understand the various scenarios, and we see their acceptance of any measure taken in their interest. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Shamiya and Shuwaikh Cooperative Society, Abdullah Al-Othman Al-Rashed, said an emergency and strategic stockpile plan has been developed based on the experience “we have obtained due to the COVID-19 crisis and I am optimistic that things are promising and progressing towards the better, especially after the availability of the vaccine and the HH the Prime Minister imparting confidence in the citizens and residents by being the first to receive it.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mishref Cooperative Society, Ali Al-Fahad, said there is a relative increase in the sales in the past week after the announcement of the suspension of passenger flights to and from the Kuwait International Airport, adding that this increase does not indicate the presence of panic or fear compared to what happened during the first months of the spread of the coronavirus crisis.

He added, the cooperative is prepared for any possible closure or ban scenario with the emergence of new strains of the coronavirus. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sabah Al-Salem Cooperative Society, Ahmed Muhammad Hilal Al-Otaibi, told the daily the conditions are normal and the markets have not witnessed any unusual buying spree, and said, “we are ready for any emergency, God forbid, but we have plans in which we have relied on our previous successful experiences, especially in the COVID-19 crisis.”

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