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Kuwait consumes 3.38 million Pfizer, AstraZeneca doses

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KUWAIT CITY, June 29: The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, has warned of the high rate of admission to hospital wards and intensive care units during the past few weeks, especially of people who have already received the vaccination against the Covid-19 virus. On the other hand, in spite of the efforts exerted by Kuwait to raise the level of immunity, the global immunization index shows as of June 28, 2021, Kuwait fell backwards in the global immunization race against Covid- 19. It ranked 30 out of 214 countries around the world.

In the recent past it was ranked 28th and 29th. The index also showed Kuwait consumed about 3.38 million of Pfizer and AstraZeneca doses since the start of the national vaccination campaign six months ago until now. Al-Sanad disclosed in a press statement an increase in the Covid patients admitted to hospital wards by 37 percent and in intensive care by 47 percent from June 1 to June 26 saying the rate of infection among the unvaccinated people reached 92 percent in wards 88.5 percent in intensive care. He stressed on the need to get vaccinated to protect from the virus, especially since the death rate among the unvaccinated people has reached 96.1 percent in other treatment institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Health, reiterating at the same time to adhere to health protocols — wearing masks and physical distancing to prevent from getting infected with the virus.

Al-Sanad cited a study conducted by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention to emphasize on the importance of vaccination to prevent the risks of infection with the virus, by comparing 200 million people, half of whom are immune to the virus and the other half are not. The study showed that 10,000 people who had taken the vaccine were infected with the virus compared to 35 million people who had not taken the vaccine. The study also showed that the number of cases that required admission to hospitals was 995 people who were vaccinated and 1.7 million people who were not vaccinated; and 160 deaths among the 100 million people who were vaccinated and 181,000 deaths among the 100 million people who were not vaccinated.By Marwa Bahrawi Al-Seyassah, Arab Times Staff

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