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Kuwait consumes 1,200 tons milk and its derivatives per day

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KUWAIT CITY, July 21: Head of Fresh Dairy Producers Union Abdul Hakim Al-Ahmad said the country’s consumption of milk and its derivatives is about 1,200 tons per day, while the total production of farms is 200 tons — only 18 percent of the consumption, reports Annahar daily. In a statement to KUNA, Al-Ahmad revealed that 50 farms are affiliated with the union; including 44 milk producers with more than 21,000 animal heads — 9,505 of which are milking cows that produced about 74 million liters of milk in the past year with an average of 21.5 liters per head per day.

He affirmed the commitment of farm owners to achieve self-sufficiency in the future and to cooperate with various parties in this field, especially since the current food crisis might continue for a long time and it could recur in the future

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