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Monday , October 25 2021

Kuwait Consumer Interest, Study from 2017 to 2018

“One of the richest country in this world, highest value for currency, per capita income in its peak, world’s sixth-largest oil reserve”- these epithets are just a few of the many other important facts to say about Kuwait. Kuwait is enriched with beaches along 500 km long coastline, history, culture, infrastructure and great petroleum treasures. Since Kuwait earns well in all ways, Kuwaitis spend well also and their per head spends on luxury, commercial goods and services are really high for a luxurious living standard level. 

Wealthiest and health-conscious!

Kuwait has a population volume of 4.5 million and a lion share of this total count is reckoned as expats. The young aged people count is at higher stake, and same time obesity and diabetics problems also there. So, health care products and fitness service centers are governing major part of the market now. From 2017 to 2018, innovative marketing strategies for fitness care and wellness stepped into tremendous growth. Demand in the latest gym equipment, self-monitoring therapeutic devices, world tested medicines and other wellness care products rose to top-notch.

Real Estate was real hike!

As per economic studies, sales and transactions on residential, commercial properties hiked sharply from 2017 to 2018. This hike can be appreciated as the steepest in last 5 years in Kuwait industry. 

Fashionistas there!

Kuwait is following a mixed law system of Islamic and western, and hence the dress code for Kuwaitis is not as strict as like other Arabian countries. Women in western outfits and men in casual wears are so common. But, abaya is crowd favorite for women there, because more than getting cheap attention by skin show, earning respect while having a casual walk is so important. Choose wide varieties of latest fashioned abayas, loose tunics, beautifully stitched skirts, casual shirts, classy pants and trendiest designs in skinny bills using Shein coupon code

Interested on easy deliveries!

In 2017-2018 span of time, Kuwaitis interest on easy deliveries led logistic companies to spread out wings overextended services and competition became high. Same day deliveries within 5 hours, and express deliveries are offered on clothing, fashion accessories, white goods, groceries, furniture and all. Delivery apps started coming out of egg in previous years. Talabat pioneered in this region as e-delivery app for offering easy food delivery across the corners of Kuwait and as per Kuwait dailies, Talabat placed more than 10 million orders for over 500,000 registered users with an endlessly scattering web of restaurants more than 1700 in between 2017 and 2018. New apps like Carriage, Delivery Hero were also bloomed for Kuwaitis. 

Invisible and unforgettable fragrances!

Kuwaitis are leading a classy lifestyle and having many social interactions. Hence, fragrance products are becoming inevitable accessory in their wardrobe. Nearly $113 million worth perfume market was witnessed by Kuwait in 2018 with an average annual positive growth of 9.5% which made Kuwait as the fastest mounting perfume industry in the Middle East. 

Beautiful people!

A spectacular portion of market reigned by beauty care stuffs in last years in Kuwait. Nearly 2.3 lakhs of women spent KD400 per month on cosmetics, health and fitness which accounts for a total of KD980 millions per year. Hunt for latest cosmetic products, fragrance, nails parlor, spa treatments etc climbed in fast velocity and using Ubuy coupon code enhancement of more beauty can be done in less prices with amazing discounts and offers. 

Hanging out and a delicious treat!

Kuwaitis are really health conscious and they prefer fresh produces and healthier options in menu. Along with classic Arabian delights other food habits also shaped in Kuwait from 2017 to 2018 and almost $3.5 billion spent annually at restaurant according to recent surveys. Kuwait was changing in culinary industry with notable acceptance of western diets, fast food, and flocking western restaurant chains like Hardees, McDonalds, IHop, Chili’s, KFC, Burger King, Nando’s, Yo Sushi, Peppe’s pizza and more. According some studies, McDonalds can claim upto 12% sale growth in Kuwait. 

Desire to travel and fun!

During vacations of Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, Kuwaitis started to spend more quality time in countries outside Middle Eastern region. In-between 2017 and 2018, airport passenger traffic rocketed by 10%. Kuwait government is forecasting a $6 billion airport extensions and new airports. Kuwaitis prefer more fun spilled activities, movies, games and places to gather for cheerful hours. Based on Mastercard and World Travel Tourism Council, Kuwaitis spend $10.7 billion on halal tourism.

 Technology didn’t take too longer to be a major role in Kuwaitis daily life. More than 57% population held on Facebook, and 80% people connected to the internet actively. According to many surveys and studies done on Kuwait and Kuwaitis, undoubtfully it is crystal clear to state that, Kuwait is still growing to reach out of all fields of modernization. It’s the time to hang on with Rezeem.com for availing every bits and bytes from thousands of online stores dispersed around world with fashion, accessories, goods, and many products in stunning offers, deals and coupon codes helping to have a sharp price drop and exclusive promo codes for many front running stores for an upgraded lifestyle of Kuwaitis.  

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