Kuwait considers using used tires as an energy source to curb pollution

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Government eyes used tires as a sustainable fuel option to tackle energy consumption.

KUWAIT CITY, May 8: To curb local energy consumption rates and address environmental concerns, government authorities are contemplating the utilization of used tires as an alternative energy source in industrial processes. This initiative aims to achieve a dual benefit by reducing industrial energy consumption and addressing the mounting issue of used tire accumulation.

Sources familiar with the matter revealed to Al-Rai that the proposed strategy involves cutting used tires and converting them into fuel for consumption in factory furnaces, replacing traditional fossil fuels such as oil and coal. This transition is expected to yield significant environmental benefits.

The study suggests that factories equipped with furnaces capable of burning solid waste, including alternative fuels like used tires, could initially consume these fuels at a rate of 40 percent, gradually increasing to 100 percent within five years. With over 9.5 million tires estimated from vehicles registered in Kuwait by the end of 2020, the potential for utilizing used tires as fuel is substantial.

Highlighting the logistics involved, the study proposes storage facilities in designated areas, alongside electrical and fuel requirements necessary for tire-cutting operations. Successful tire-cutting initiatives, such as those witnessed in Germany, serve as precedents for similar efforts in Kuwait, where tire-shredding operations commenced in 2019.

However, challenges persist, particularly concerning the disposal of accumulated tires. The Environment Public Authority underscored the urgency of addressing this issue due to its adverse environmental impact. Recommendations include expedited removal and disposal of damaged tires, alongside exploring innovative solutions for their use as fuel in various industries.

The municipality is urged to collaborate with relevant authorities to devise comprehensive strategies for tire disposal and treatment, with a focus on coordination and legal clarity regarding ownership and responsibility for tire management.

As Kuwait seeks sustainable solutions to its environmental challenges, the exploration of alternative energy sources like used tires presents an opportunity for both environmental stewardship and industrial innovation.

This news has been read 3661 times!

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