Kuwait confronts energy surge as heat wave hits 45°C

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Heatwave strain: Kuwait’s electrical load surpasses 13,000 megawatts

KUWAIT CITY, May 14: As temperatures soar to 45 degrees Celsius in some regions, Kuwait grapples with a surge in electrical load, surpassing 13 thousand megawatts yesterday afternoon. Sources from the Ministry of Electricity underscored the imperative of completing maintenance works at power stations nationwide, gearing up for the scorching summer ahead.

Amidst heightened consumption, the Ministry has launched awareness campaigns emphasizing the necessity of prudent energy use, particularly during peak periods. Recommendations include powering down inefficient appliances and optimizing the use of air conditioning units, especially in unoccupied spaces.

In an exclusive disclosure, sources within the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy disclosed plans to establish a new water line to supply Sabah Al-Ahmad City with fresh water. This emergency line aims to ensure uninterrupted water services, offering a lifeline during unforeseen contingencies.

Furthermore, the Ministry remains vigilant in addressing consumer grievances promptly, reaffirming its commitment to delivering essential services across all regions. Recent repairs to Sabah Al-Ahmad City’s primary water line, necessitated by unforeseen incidents, temporarily disrupted water access, underscoring the importance of swift maintenance interventions.

Simultaneously, the electrical load index soared to 13,000 megawatts amid escalating temperatures, particularly in Jahra Governorate. In response, the Ministry intensifies maintenance efforts across power stations nationwide, supplementing with awareness initiatives to promote energy conservation during peak hours.

As Kuwait navigates the challenges posed by soaring temperatures and heightened energy demands, the Ministry remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring uninterrupted utility services while advocating for responsible energy consumption practices among citizens.

This news has been read 950 times!

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