Kuwait bans export of livestock indefinitely

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 15: According to reliable sources, Muhammad Al-Aiban, the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of State for Youth Affairs, is set to enact a decree prohibiting the export of livestock from Kuwait. This decision is expected to encompass both locally produced and imported livestock, serving as a precautionary measure to stabilize the local market amidst the ongoing situation, particularly concerning the primary commodity due to the Red Sea developments.

The sources indicated that the forthcoming decree is likely to lack a specific timeframe for the cessation of livestock exports. Instead, it will probably be contingent upon the ministry’s ongoing assessment of livestock abundance in the market, the moderation of their prices, and assurance that Kuwait’s supply of this critical commodity remains unaffected by events in the Red Sea.

Highlighting that Kuwait imported around 95,000 heads of live livestock in December alone, the sources emphasized the nation’s annual requirement of approximately one million sheep and 12,000 calves. Despite having a sufficient quantity for local consumption and a surplus for export, the decision to halt exports during the current period is driven by the need to uphold food security in the country.

This news has been read 2053 times!

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