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Sunday , November 27 2022

Kuwait backs UAE security

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CAIRO, Jan 23, (Agencies): Kuwait reiterated on Sunday its rejection of terrorism in all its forms and its support for the UAE as well as all the measures it takes to confront terrorism and maintain its security. This was in a speech by the Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the League of Arab States (LAS) Ambassador Ahmad Al- Bakr, President of the 156th Ordinary Session of the Arab League Council, before the Extraordinary Session of the Council at the level of permanent delegates, to discuss the terrorist incidents that UAE was exposed to as a result of the Houthi terrorist militia targeting civilian facilities in Abu Dhabi.

In this context, Al-Bakr confirmed that Kuwait welcomed the statement issued unanimously by the UN Security Council last Friday, in which it condemned the attacks of this terrorist militia on facilities in UAE. Kuwait urged the international community, also the Security Council to continue to assume its responsibility to maintain international peace and security, to put an end to the aggressive practices of the Houthi militia, as well as to stop its missile and drone attacks against Saudi Arabia along with the UAE, he explained.

Kuwait renews its call to the Security Council to redouble its efforts to pressure the Houthi militia to respond to calls for a ceasefire and positive interaction with the efforts of the UN along with its envoy to Yemen, he noted. This paves the way for the resumption of political consultations between the Yemeni parties to reach the desired political solution in accordance with the three agreed references – the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the national dialogue and Security Council Resolution No. 2216, he said.

In his speech, Al-Bakr underlined that Kuwait reiterates its strong condemnation as well as its denunciation of targeting civilian areas in the UAE with drones and guided missiles launched by the Houthi militia. The continued targeting of civilians by this militia, their insistence on violating the rules of international humanitarian law, plus their deliberate harm to the security and stability of the countries of the region confirms the seriousness of this militia’s behavior and its lack of respect for all humanitarian laws as well as values, he underscored. The Council of the League of Arab States (LAS) affirmed its absolute solidarity with UAE, standing by it and supporting it in all the measures it takes to defend its security, people, and its national interests. This was in the decision issued by the meeting of the Arab League Council at the level of permanent delegates, in its extraordinary session regarding the Houthi terrorist militia targeting civilian sites and facilities in UAE, which was held Sunday, headed by the Permanent Representative of Kuwait to LAS Ambassador Ahmad Al-Bakr.

The Council expressed its strong condemnation and denunciation of the brutal terrorist attack on civilians as well as civilian objects by the Houthi terrorist militia with three cruise missiles on the Mussafah Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD) three area and the new construction area at Abu Dhabi International Airport, which led to the explosion of three oil tankers, resulting in the death of three people and six others injured. It welcomed the solidarity of countries as well as regional and international organizations with UAE, condemning the attacks committed by the Houthi militia against civilian areas and facilities, viewing it as a cowardly terrorist attack. Also, it welcomed the unified position expressed unanimously by the UN Security Council in its statement issued on January 21, 2022, in which the members of the Council condemned in the strongest terms the heinous terrorist attacks committed by the Houthi militia. The Council affirmed that these terrorist attacks constitute a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and a real threat to vital civilian facilities, energy supplies and the stability of the global economy.

The United Arab Emirates has banned the flying of drones in the country for recreation after Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed a fatal drone attack on an oil facility and major airport in the country. As of Saturday, drone hobbyists and other operators of light electric sports aircraft face “legal liabilities” if caught flying the objects, the Interior Ministry said, adding it may grant exemptions to businesses seeking to film.

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