Authorities Seize Drugs, Guns, And Cash In 16 Incidents

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 26: In a series of 16 separate incidents, authorities arrested 21 individuals found in possession of a significant quantity of illicit substances. The confiscated items included approximately 11 kilograms of various drugs, 15,000 psychotropic pills, 71 bottles of alcohol, 5 liters of GHB, two firearms, and a sum of money.

This operation was carried out as part of the ongoing efforts by the Ministry of Interior to combat the proliferation of drugs, psychotropic substances, and intoxicants, and to apprehend those involved in their distribution and smuggling. The task was undertaken by the Criminal Security Sector, specifically the General Administration for Narcotics Control.

The individuals arrested hailed from different nationalities, and they were arrested in 16 separate operations. The seized contraband comprised a wide range of narcotics, including hashish, Crystal meth, chemical substances, marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. Additionally, the culprits were found in possession of 5 liters of GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate), 71 bottles of alcohol, two firearms, and a significant amount of money believed to be proceeds from drug sales.

Upon interrogation, the arrested individuals admitted that the confiscated items were intended for trafficking and personal use. Subsequently, both the suspects and the seized items were handed over to the appropriate authorities for further legal action.

The Ministry of Interior underscores its commitment to the safety and well-being of society by actively pursuing drug dealers and traffickers. It encourages the public to collaborate with law enforcement agencies by reporting any suspicious activities or phenomena through the emergency hotline at 112 or the General Administration for Drug Control hotline at 1884141. This collaborative effort is essential to safeguarding communities from the grave threats posed by these dangerous substances.

This news has been read 3523 times!

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