Kuwait Allots 181.4M Dinars To Empower Housewives And Divorced Women

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 28, (Agencies): The recent report by the Audit Bureau sheds light on the efficiency and effectiveness of the Family Welfare Administration’s distribution of social assistance, indicating a significant shift in aid disbursement during 2022. The report reveals that while social assistance was increased for 3,455 individuals, approximately 6,724 people experienced a reduction, 10,797 cases had their disbursements stopped, and 6,518 individuals had aid linked.

111 million dinars in aid for housewives and 36 million for divorced women: Audit Bureau report.

In terms of financial disbursement, the report discloses that a total of 239 million dinars were allocated in 2022, with three main categories absorbing 76% of this sum, amounting to 181.4 million dinars.

Notably, assistance to housewives ranked highest, constituting 46.4% of total assistance, equivalent to 110.9 million dinars. Assistance to divorced women followed at 15.2%, amounting to 36.32 million dinars, and aid directed towards old-age cases accounted for 14.3%, totaling 34.17 million dinars.

The report provides a breakdown of the cases for which public assistance was increased in 2022. The majority of the increase, involving 2,125 cases and 3,455 individuals, was concentrated in cases of divorced women. The total value of this increase reached 1.1 million dinars.

Furthermore, the report highlights the linkage of public assistance to 4,868 cases, affecting 6,518 individuals, with a total value of 11.1 million dinars. This included a significant allocation to cases of housewives, totaling 3.3 million dinars.

On the flip side, social assistance witnessed a reduction of 5,549 cases, impacting 6,724 individuals, with a total amount of 2.1 million dinars. Cases of divorced women were notably affected, with a reduction of 739 thousand dinars.

The report outlines that the total number of cases for which public assistance was suspended in 2022 amounted to 9,193, affecting 10,797 individuals, with a total value reaching 31.5 million dinars. The largest concentration of stopped disbursements was observed in cases of housewives, amounting to 6.1 million dinars.

Noteworthy is the explanation provided in the report regarding cases where disbursements were halted. Many involved beneficiaries were late in completing the necessary documentation for the annual review with the Family Welfare Department, aligning with Article 7 of the Public Assistance Law No. 12/2011.

The data revealed that around 39.42 thousand families, encompassing approximately 44.22 thousand individuals, received public assistance in Kuwait. The largest number of beneficiaries was attributed to “housewives” (17,197), followed by “divorced women” (7,662), “old age” cases (6,554), and “unmarried girls” (2,952).

This news has been read 1571 times!

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