Kuwait Airways Blue Bird soars, as it reveals the latest in customer centric enhancements

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New look is a continuation of the company’s transformation programs: Al-Dukhan

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: As part of Kuwait Airways’ relentless endeavours to provide the best services to its valued customers, the company organized an event to mark the launch of numerous new and diverse services for the year 2023, held in the presence of various prominent personalities and distinguished guests, at KAC’s headquarters on Thursday.

KAC’s new uniforms for flight crew, in cooperation with the Italian designer Ettore Bilotta, which was inspired by new designs in fashion by combining the features of diamonds with desert colours. The new styles combine modernity with the legacy of Kuwait Airways, which was established in 1954.

During the function, the company presented an array of the latest services to the attendees, which included new menus onboard, launching home check-in services, limousine services, diverse destinations for the 2023 summer season, in addition to updating the uniforms of the flight crew and launching new classes with different seat designs on the Airbus A330NEO aircraft. Speaking on the occasion, Kuwait Airways Chairman, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan stated, “Kuwait Airways is keen on developing its systems by launching new services and products for the comfort of our valued customers. This announcement of customer service enhancements is a continuation of programs launched by the company a year ago, which includes transformation, development, and access to the best levels of beyond excellence in services, as well as achieving its desired strategies.”

Al-Dukhan added, “Kuwait Airways is steadily moving towards its set plans, as it launched new services under the title ‘The Blue Bird Reveal’, which will bring about a comprehensive transformation in all the services provided to our customers, and in pace with the best international standards of the commercial air transport sector, thereby reaching broader horizons.” Al-Dukhan stated that Kuwait Airways achieved positive results in the year 2022, as revenues grew by 10% in 2022 compared to 2019 and to 115% compared to 2021.

The profit margin improved to 40% in 2022 compared to 2019 and to 37% compared to 2021. In addition, passenger traffic in Terminal 4 grew by 26% in 2022 compared to 2019 and by 229% compared to 2021. Al-Dukhan said, “The company received 3 new aircraft last year, consisting of one Airbus A320NEO, and two Airbus A330NEO. Kuwait Airways also launched new destinations such as Manchester, Madrid. Casablanca, Trabzon, Mykonos, Kuala Lumpur, and Hyderabad. The company also achieved on-time performance of its flights by 86% in 2022 and in this aspect, the Blue Bird achieved the third place in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Al-Dukhan meanwhile predicted a growth in passenger traffic by approximately 4.5 million passengers and an increase in operations by more than 30% in 2023. In addition to this, Kuwait Airways will receive two Airbus A320NEO aircraft in this year. Al-Dukhan said that Kuwait Airways achieved many accomplishments in 2022, for example but not limited to, such as restructuring the aircraft agreement with Airbus, the completion of the maintenance contract with Air France, the completion of the maintenance contract with Rolls Royce, the approvals for establishing the Kuwait Airways Training Academy, signing of a mutual commercial partnership agreement with Air Europa and Ita Airways, successfully carrying 14,000 passengers to Doha to attend the 2022 World Cup matches in the State of Qatar, signing the designing and construction of the new Kuwait Airways down towntower at Al-Hilali Street and the self-handling of Terminal 4.

Al-Dukhan pointed out that the Blue Bird is always committed to implementing social responsibility programs such as training 100 high school students and university graduates, participating in the Balsam project with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society and donating 100 wheelchairs to the Ministry of Health. New Style of Uniforms During the ceremony, Al-Dukhan revealed the launch of KAC’s new uniforms for fl ight crew, in cooperation with the Italian Designer Ettore Bilotta, which was inspired by new designs in fashion by combining the features of diamonds with desert colours. The new styles combine modernity with the legacy of Kuwait Airways, which was established in 1954. Additionally, this change was based on standards and research, corresponding with the objectives of Kuwait Airways, and towards achieving operational excellence in the field of aviation.

Moreover, after extensive research, the company decided on this remarkable, elegant, and delightful design, that conforms to its long-standing historical identity and maintaining the legacy of the Blue Bird for all Kuwaitis. Also speaking on the occasion, Kuwait Airways Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Maen Razouqi stated that Kuwait Airways seeks to create a new imprint for its valued customers by launching new services and products, with a diverse look and to broaden the horizons of the Blue Bird. Kuwait Airways is committed to its efforts in meeting the requirements of its customers from the time they enter the airport, until boarding the different types of aircraft on KAC’s fleet.

Razouqi indicated that Kuwait Airways had faced an unexpected increase in fuel prices, by more than 30% in 2022, pointing out that 2023 is full of challenges that the company will face, indicating at the same time that the Blue Bird is fully prepared to face these challenges in the long term, according to the strategy set by the Senior Management. State-of-the-art seats Razouqi added, “Kuwait Airways will be pursuing a comprehensive change through the implementation and design of comfortable seats and different travel classes on the Airbus A330NEO aircraft, that suit the preferences of the company’s valued customers and will be implemented in the middle of next year, with the following categories:

● Elite Class with seats that can be converted into fully fl at seats, equipped with an 18-inch screen, as well as USB type A and C ports, in addition to wireless charging and Bluetooth service.

● Comfort+ or Comfort Plus, which are characterized by the possibility of reclining up to 10 inches, providing a footrest for more comfort, a control unit and privacy divider features for the headrest and equipped with 18-inch screen with USB Type A and C inputs.

● Comfort Class, that are characterized by reclining up to 6 inches, with an articulated seat base and U-Dream headrest, in addition to providing 12-inch screens and USB port of Type A and C.” Home Check-In Services Razouqi explained, “Kuwait Airways will launch the Home Check-In services by the end of February for Royal Class passengers traveling to all destinations except for New York. This service includes allocating new cars equipped with the latest equipment for weighing luggage and providing check in procedures, issuing boarding pass, as well as designating a bus to the passenger’s home.” Razouqi pointed out that the concept is one of the most important and distinguished services provided by Kuwait Airways to its customers and one of the new solutions to save time for the passenger and provide the best means of comfort for them.

This is also within the company’s plans to improve and develop the services provided to its valued customers by offering them various options. TheHome Check-In is a free service and optional for passengers on Royal Class. This can be done after the customer completes the procedures for booking the ticket on the website or Kuwait Airways’ electronic application and selects the option of home check-in service, at least 48 hours prior to booking the ticket. Following this, the car is sent to the passenger’s home 24 hours before the departure time of the flight to collect their baggage, with the boarding card being issued to them. Limousine Car Service Razouqi stated that among the Blue Bird’s latest developments, Kuwait Airways will provide limousine car services starting from the end of February for passengers of Royal and Business Class Premium. Passengers have to make reservations on the outbound fl ight through Kuwait Airways’ website or application, 48 hours before their travel date. Moreover, the private car will be sent to their home, taking them to the airport.

In addition to this, upon arrival, the passenger can request a car from the Maraheb office at the airport, to take them from the airport to their home. Elite Lounge Within the framework of its policies to develop services for passengers and valued customers and taking into consideration the increasing demand to travel and the growth in passenger traffic at Terminal 4, Kuwait Airways will expand the Al Mubarakiya Lounge and allocate it for passengers of Royal Class, First Class, and Oasis Club’s Platinum card holders. The lounge will be renamed the Elite lounge, which will be opened by the end of April 2023, after the completion of necessary procedures.

The lounge is designed with sound proofing features to enable valued passengers to relax and rest. Kuwait Airways implemented and designed the new lounge with the latest facilities, corresponding to the requirements of elite passengers with more luxury and comfort, in addition to providing them with an excellent array of local and international cuisines, and catered to their satisfaction. Innovative On-Board Menus Razouqi added, “Kuwait Airways is keen to provide diverse options to its customers, as the company periodically launches new menus on board the Blue Bird, that suit the tastes and preferences of KAC’s passengers, and which are skilfully prepared by talented national chefs.”

New Destinations Razouqi continued, “As part of its commitment to meet the requirements of its valued customers, Kuwait Airways is preparing to launch numerous destinations for the summer travel season, and will include numerous new destinations, commencing from June 2023. The company will announce the launch of operations to numerous destinations linking Kuwait to the world which includes, Athens, Antalya, Taif, Al-Qassim,AlUla, Budapest, Berlin, and Barcelona, in addition to destinations launched last year such as Bodrum, Izmir, Trabzon, Athens, Mykonos, Sharm El-Sheikh, Alexandria, Sarajevo, Salalah, Nice, Vienna and Malaga.”

This news has been read 14882 times!

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